Serena Whitehaven is a high-quality, personalized and artisan women's shoe brand that has its atelier and is entirely produced in Spain.

It was born ten years ago when Belén Ortiz, its founder and current CEO, decided to start with this adventure, along with her career as a lawyer and, in this particular way, honor her grandmother, Blanca Serena, who was a devoted shoe-lover. (The name precisely comes from her grandmother's: Serena White (White) Haven (shelter): Blanca Serena's hut or shelter. A nice an cozy place to be.

Serena Whitehaven shoes are made of a feminine and magical soul and are handcrafted one by one by highly skilled artisan shoemakers, using the best selection of materials, leathers and embellishments.

Additionally, the seek for perfection throughout the creation process begins with hard work to achieve the best possible fit and confort.

Serena Whitehaven shoes have been chosen several times by the best designers and celebrities from all around the globe.

Actually, they are the perfect option for weddings and events, as you can customize the shoe of your dreams and engrave your initials, names or dates on the sole.

The Serena Whitehaven woman is considered a "modern queen" referring to a woman who fuses classic values ​​and adapts them to today.

As its designer says, a woman deserves to have a pair of Serenas, because "every woman deserves her own crown."

Belen Ortiz
Macarena & Belen


We are artisan shoemakers and we produce "Made-to-Order" shoes. If you do not find the model you want in our E-SHOP, send us an e-mail or WhatsApp and we will assist you so that you can see different material and/or color options.

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Barcelona - Rosellón 199

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